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The Polidano Group is undoubtedly an unequalled leader within the construction industry today.

With an impressive network of hi-tech companies, five of which have been awarded ISO 9002 Certification and a 1,000 strong, well trained workforce, the Polidano Group offers an all encompassing, holistic range of top quality services and products to the construction industry.

The Groupís interests include stone quarrying, cement batching, manufacture of hollow bricks and interlocking paving systems, prestressed beams and precast concrete components, the production of electrowelded steel mesh and lattice girders, construction, demolition, excavation, trenching and road surfacing, cable laying, cement silo storage, importation and distribution of industrial equipment and machinery as well as controlling 50% of the islandís cement imports. The most recent focus in diversification has been within the fields of leisure and tourism, with investments that are wholly owned or in partnership.

The Polidano Group plant headquarters at Luqa built by Polidano Brothers is one of the largest steel structures in Malta covering 16,600 square metres. The massive plant houses most of the Groupís manufacturing factories, workshops and maintenance facilities. The Administrative Centre, in a building adjacent to the plant at Luqa, is fully computerized and encompasses a conference hall for in-house staff training and conferences relating to the latest developments in the construction field.

To guarantee the highest possible standards, the Group has its own Quality Control Laboratory and a fully equipped drawing office, both staffed by a team of highly qualified personnel.

A new 26,600 square metre extension has been recently added to the original plant to accommodate the rapid expansion of the Groupís multiple operations. The new addition incorporates a number of large workshops furnished with overhead cranes, adjoining offices and facilities for the employees. The ample carpark accommodates both the Groupís heavy machinery as well as parking facilities for employeesí private cars.

In line with the philosophy of the Groupís founders, Polidano Group has an ongoing programme of modernization, with the continuous acquisition of the latest machinery and equipment. This, together with an inbuilt quality control surveillance system, guarantees the constant development and upgrading of the services and products offered by the Group and ensure optimum quality at all times.

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