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Quality Control Laboratory  

The Quality Control Laboratory is another accomplishment for the Group. Constant testing is performed on the mechanical and physical properties of aggregate, cement, concrete, water, bitumen, asphalt and steel. Inhouse tests are also carried out regularly on precast products such as hollow concrete blocks, roofing slabs, L-beams etc.

Housed at the Polidano Group head office at Luqa, the Laboratory employs four highly qualified lab technicians specializing in quality control asphalt and concrete technology. The numerous equipment includes:

  Two concrete compression machines
  Aggregate crushing value machines
  Water baths
  Compacter and centrifuge for extraction of bitumen
  Water test kit
  Asphalt testing equipment for flow and stability
  CBR, SDR for soils

The Laboratory plays a major role in supervising the production quality of various companies within the Group, ensuring that all quality control procedures are observed.

The Laboratory also offers services to external organizations such as building contractors as well as other quality control laboratories.


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