Imperial Residence Project

In January 2017, the Planning Authority had approvied the planning application for the conversion of the historical Imperial Hotel to be converted into a residential complex for the elderly.  Due to the fact that part of the existing building was considered of having historical value, the Planning Authority imposed conditions for its conservation and that it should be retained.

The whole project has been entrusted to Polidano Group.

The project entailed the excavation of up to four levels below street level, and construction of  four levels above street level (three levels depending on the side of the building). The total site will include six two bedroom dementia wards including sanitary facilities, 165 rooms (9 one bedroom and 156 two bedroom), and 104 car parking spaces. The project will cost around €15 million. The site covers an area of approximately 3950sqm.

The front part of the site overlooking Rudolph street is proposed for Grade 2 scheduling. The proposal will retain and restore the scheduled property on the site.