Manufacturing Facilities

Our in-house manufacturing facilities cover the entire range of construction materials required in the most complex and state-of-the-art developments today.  Polidano has been engaged in manufacturing since we started out and continues to lead the industry in Malta in terms of capabilities, design, innovation and technology.

We have not only the largest manufacturing capacity on the islands in steel and concrete, but also the most sophisticated.  We invest in advanced machinery from leading international brands and ensure processes and products are at par with the best worldwide.   We have the capabilities to manufacture both volume and one-off, customised components efficiently and cost effectively.

Polidano is the only firm in Malta to have invested in a mobile batch cement plant and we operate leading-edge technology for volume fabrication of hollow concrete pipes, pre-stressed elements and hollow brick and paving.  We are leaders in the manufacture, supply and delivery of read-mix concrete.  Today, we own more than four concrete pumps, able to pump concrete at a very fast rate.

Our investment in top-end manufacturing plant gives us an edge in tackling large-scale projects where just-in-time delivery is vital not only for efficiency, but also in maintaining the quality of the materials themselves.

Our manufacturing is supported by our own R&D and testing labs which ensure we operate to ISO9002 standards.  Polidano also benefits from having a loyal, expert team in place at our plants to oversee the quality of our products.

To complete the manufacturing cycle, we operate a large fleet of well-maintained, up-to-date mixing and heavy and abnormal load transport, sourced from renowned brands such as Mercedes Benz, Astra and DAF vehicles.

We never need to rely on third parties or outsource any aspect of manufacturing.  We give clients complete peace of mind and the savings that come with our economies of scale and overview of the entire manufacturing and supply chain.