Cirkewwa Terminal

Polidano Group has stated that all concrete structures were built according to technical requirements as specified in the tender technical documents.

Polidano Group legal adviser Jean Paul Sammut said a meeting had been held between Infrastructure Malta, Transport Malta and Polidano earlier this month.

The parties have since agreed to commence a number of technical meetings starting this week, to discuss what other tests are required and the way forward.

The tender technical requirements were not as per standards of a marine zone and high winds.

Sammut says that Polidano followed the deficient contract specifications, but was also willing to ensure that the structure had the necessary durability safeguards it should have enjoyed in the first place. 

The designs for the project did not include waterproofing, and it appeared as though much of the damage was being caused by rising damp.

“The tender technical requirements on this project were not as per standards of a marine zone and high winds, let alone for a durability of 100 years. Another problem was the lack of maintenance. Apparently no maintenance was being carried out on the terminal infrastructure,” Sammut said.

He added that Polidano had raised a number of issues with the authorities on what should have been done, but instructions at the time were for the contractor to stick to the tender specifications.