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The Polidano brothers, Charles and Paul, entered the construction industry under the company name of Polidano Brothers in 1977 with the launch of a small construction firm capable of handling modest projects. The enterprising brothers realized, even in those early days that the future lay in providing mechanically oriented services to a burgeoning construction industry. In sharp contrast to what was happening on the international scene, most construction work in Malta was still performed manually until the mid 80’s.

With several major infrastructure projects about to come on stream, the strategy of introducing most cost effective, labour-saving heavy equipment made good business sense. This strategy quickly earned the industry’s trust and respect, including the finest and most discerning architectural firms and many international companies who chose Polidano Brothers Ltd. as their working partners for projects in Malta. One major project followed another, culminating in national infrastructure feats that set the benchmark for others to match. Such projects as the new Power Station in Delimara, the Malta International Airport and the Malta Freeport, the latter two as a member of NOVITA Co. Ltd., the first construction consortium ever established in Malta, became early testaments to the quality and efficiency associated with Polidano Brothers Ltd.

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