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Lapsi Quarry  


This is one of the largest hard stone quarries in Malta, producing high quality sand and gravel which is mostly used for concrete mixing. Four modern crushers can each produce a daily average 2,000 tonnes of different sized aggregates. These vary from 3/8” up to 3”. Great use is made of this product and the quarry has a fleet of heavy trucks specially designed for the easy transportation of such material anywhere on the island.

On major sites, such as the Hilton hotel and Marina project, crushers are set up on location, making use of the material excavated on site, thus avoiding unnessecary damage to the environment and the infrastructure.

It is believed that this quarry will still be operational well into the third millenium, supplying Polidano Group with one of the raw materials needed for the manufacture of the product that is the mainstay of the Group, concrete.

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