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Polidano Bros  

Polidano Brothers Ltd. is a highly mechanized construction company, geared to undertake major construction works. With a highly skilled and motivated workforce, backed by the resources and expertise provided by the various companies within the Polidano Group, it is the only company in Malta capable of providing a holistic service that is truly unique within the construction industry.

Over the years, the small construction firm founded by Charles and Paul Polidano has developed into one of the most enterprises of its kind in Malta. The company has been entrusted with the completion of several major projects which include extensive residential complexes, luxury hotels and holiday resorts and prestigious national projects such as the Malta International Airport and many other well known landmarks. The company’s success is partly due to a forward looking philosophy, based on a strong belief in innovative technology. It was Polidano Brothers Ltd. that introduced new cost effective, labour saving machinery to Malta. Examples of the company’s forward thinking are numerous, the most impressive being the trenching machine and the surface miner.

When trenching was still being done manually in Malta, Polidano Brothers introduced the trenching machine capable of digging clear cut trenches 600 milimetres and 2.2 metres deep in a fraction of the time. The surface miner, a scarifying machine, is capable of excavating and scarifying rock in layers up to 300 milimetres deep. Both these machines have introduced the concept of a cleaner, more ecology friendly technology to the construction industry in Malta that saves the public the inconvenience of huge mounds of rubble and the intense levels of dust pollution usually associated with this kind of work.

Polidano Brothers Ltd. is also renowned for completing major projects within very tight time frames. The 311 rooms, five-star Westin Dragonara Resort, a benchmark in luxury and sophistication, was completed in a record 20 months. Another point of pride for the company is the excavation works at the Hilton Hotel Project site where 800,000 cubic metres of material have been excavated and disposed of in just under 14 months.

The success of Polidano Brothers Limited is in part due to their belief in modern equipment and technology.

However, a unique engineering challenge presented itself when Polidano Brothers Ltd. was awarded the construction of the cold water intake as part of Phase IIB of the new Delimara Power Station, the first time that such a project was entrusted to a Maltese company. The project involved building a reinforced concrete structure at a depth of 12 meters below mean water level.

Polidano Brothers Ltd. is always eager to take on new developments and, as the foremost construction company in Malta, is well positioned to take on and succeed in all future challenges. 

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