Fourth Gerneration Digital Projectors At Empire Cinema

Empire Cinema

Empire Cinema has invested in digital technology and equipped four cinema screens with the latest digital projectors, which quadruple resolution making for a sharper image, and the improved sound system.

Empire cinema was the first in Malta to locally project 3D films in digital format. Three years later and 15 years after Empire’s opening in 1997 , the cinema industry is evolving at an incredible speed with  the phasing out of 35mm and  Digital projectors now in their fourth generation with ever higher resolution and frames per second.  Empire is once again at the forefront with the latest technology with a unique quality image with up to 4,000 pixel resolution or four times sharper image than the first generation digital projectors.

With the cinema industry evolving in rapidly advancing digital age, technology is being continually developed and producers and directors are constantly looking for ways to enhance and enrich the cinema-going experience.   High frame shooting is one example where today’s projectors are able to perform where older digital equipment could not.

A perfect example of this new trend of high frame rates of 48 frames per second is an upcoming KRS release this December ‘The Hobbit’.  The projection of this film in four frames per second gives  a smoother and sharper  picture  with  depth of field increased due to greater image accuracy especially in  3D projections.