Maghtab Pembroke DC Linked by 4.5 KM Tunnel


It was a celebration mode at Pembroke, complete with champagne and fireworks as the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) emerged with precision through the markings on the rock face in the pit that was purposely prepared for this event.

This was another milestone in Polidano’s history. The TBM was purchased purposely for this project and started its dig at Maghtab emerging today at the Enemalta Pembroke Distribution Centre. This project forms part of the preparation works required in connection with the Malta Sicily Interconnector.

Before the works started Polidano sourced the TBM that was named Karmena in keeping with tradition abroad where these machines are given feminine names. Salvatore Insigne who has several years of experience in the tunneling field was entrusted with the coordination on site and managed the operation from start to finish.

Hon Konrad Mizzi Minister for Energy and Water Conservation was present when the TBM head emerged. He was accompanied by Enemalta Directors and Project Team. Hon Mizzi had praised the way that this project was undertaken and personally congratulated the jubilant tunnelers as soon as they emerged from the completed tunnel.

This project produced 67,000 cubic metres of excavated material. This was carted away and recycled in accordance with Polidano’s ISO 14001 accreditation. Upon exit today the TBM completed just over 4.5 KM of tunnel generally through hardstone.

Charles Polidano, Group Managing Director expressed his gratitude to Enemalta management and staff for the cooperation rendered during the execution of this project. He stated further that what was witnessed today highlighted the company’s policy of depending on highly skilled personnel and investing in cutting edge technology.

For over three decades we have been delivering Landmark Developments and Critical Infrastructure.