Vision & Values

The growth of our portfolio and the depth and breadth of our experience to date is testament to the vision and values that underpin our business.

Our vision is to become the largest conglomerate in Malta by 2015, and excel as the leading construction company by delivering successfully the major critical and national infrastructure projects and the most innovative lifestyle developments in the country.  The Group aspires to growing the business overseas, establishing definite steps to take the business forward at a regional level in the wider Mediterranean.

Throughout our operations, we are driven by the following values:

  • A passion for reinventing the way construction is delivered to focus more on integrated solutions than stand-alone buildings.
  • A desire to innovate in all our business segments.
  • Putting investment at the disposal of economic growth rather than merely short-term profit.
  • Placing quality at the forefront of our business activities.
  • Dedicating our competences and full capabilities to delivering success.
  • Establishing a long-term collaborative partnership with clients – building relationships rather than one-off projects.
  • Employing people who share our same commitment and passion for the delivery of solutions to our clients.
  • Investing in people and in their health and safety, providing an outstanding quality of working life.
  • Acting responsibly towards our communities and environment, ensuring a balance between sustainable development, improvement of our communities’ quality of life and the safe-guarding of our environment.
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