Polidano is one of the main suppliers in Malta of ready-mix concrete, including specialist mixes.  We have three batching plants served by a large delivery fleet based on Mercedes Actros vehicles.

We also deploy a mobile batching plant which runs to x tonnes  production a day.  Polidano was the first in Malta to offer mobile production with pre-mixing integral to the process.  Mobile production is advantageous in large-scale construction as it enables just-in-time production on site which safeguards the quality of the mix.

Constant testing at our in-house laboratory ensures the product’s uniform quality is maintained.  This is key factor in our ability to operate to ISO 9002 standards.

We are also main importers of cement and have invested in storage facilities to ensure adequate supplies are available.

Our production of concrete extends beyond regular C10 and C40 standard to specialist mixes.  Our offer includes:

Specialist Mixes:

  • Light-weight concrete – C37 Dolomite mix grouts
  • Dry and semi-dry mixes

Other specialist mixes can be supplied in consultation with the engineer in charge.  Below, we list the first verified trial mixes tested at our Concrete Laboratory:


  • Retarder
  • Super Plasticizer
  • Waterproofer
  • Accelerator
  • Sulphate Resistant Admixture
  • Air entraining

Cement Types

  • Ordinary Portland Cement grade 42.5R
  • Sulphate Resistant Cement
  • Pigments: red, terracotta, yellow, green

Other Additives

  • Fibremesh
  • Steel fibres
  • Polystyrene