Energy, Utilities and Waste

In a small island state, the efficient and environmentally-sound management of resources is paramount.  Since we started out, Polidano has been the major player in the strategic development of Malta’s energy, water, sewage and waste management sectors.

We have been the leading contractor in a range of major projects aimed at upgrading the Islands’ infrastructure and bringing the country in line with EU best practice and legislation.  Our challenge in this sector is to design integrated, bespoke solutions that are sensitive to the sites, respect the environment and use the latest clean and efficient technology to deliver the purpose for which they are developed.

Among other critical energy infrastructure projects, Polidano has taken on the entire lifecycle of the construction of the Delimara power station, the development of multiple electricity distribution centres and the laying of electricity cables across Malta and Gozo and between the two islands. Polidano was also the key player in the civil works required for the construction of the two sewage treatment plants in Malta and the major waste management facilities operating on the island.

Polidano is the leading firm in Malta thanks to our complete in-house capability to mobilise the specialist plant and high-capacity machinery and manpower required  for the job, particularly for marine-based infrastructural projects such as submarine cabling, outfalls and related activities.  With an investment of over €25 million in the last two years, Polidano has established itself as a regional player in the field.

We have facilitated also the growth of the communications industry locally.  Polidano works alongside all the major telcos in Malta, including Vodafone, Melita and Go, carrying out trenching and cable laying work efficiently and cost-effectively using the latest cutting technology.

Polidano is increasingly working with international partners in the sector.  Our local know-how and in-house capabilities combined with latest solutions and international best practice has proved a winning formula for local solutions.