With our activities requiring a volume supply of gas for use across our manufacturing processes, it made commercial sense for us to diversify into the technical and pure gas sector for our own economies of scale.  With a total investment of over €7 million, Poligas started operations in 2004.  It is now one of Malta’s major plant and distribution centres covering around 2,500m² and serving client in sectors from medical services to construction.

Poligas was awarded ISO 9001:2000 certification by the British Standards Institute in 2006.  Falling in line with the requirements for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, Poligas is also GMP certified by the Maltese Medicines Authority and holds their Marketing Authorisation for the production and wholesale distribution of medical oxygen and nitrogen low oxygen. Poligas is in the process of obtaining HACCP certification.


The air separation plant produces liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen by cryogenic distillation of atmospheric air.  The plants was designed and installed by Cosmodyne USA and is CE compliant. It also meets all the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive.  The oxygen produced is medical grade oxygen with a purity level greater than 99.8 per cent oxygen and falls well within the EU Pharmcopeial acceptance criteria.  Similarly, nitrogen is generated at 99.9 per cent purity.

Storage Compound

To ensure a strong market presence and guarantee excellence in customer service, Poligas has invested in a storage compound with an overall capacity of over 200,000 litres for various gases.  All the cryogenic storage tanks are constructed in stainless steel and fully equipped with pressure relief valves and measuring equipment.  Ranging in capacity from 5000 litres to 30,000 litres, all storage tanks are compliant with the respective EU standards.

Filling Lines

Equipped with 13 filling units, each capable of handling 16 high-pressure cylinders in a single operation, we have a filling capacity of over 10,000 litres of gas an hour.  Two of these filling units are dedicated to medical oxygen gas while another is dedicated for food grade carbon dioxide.

All filling units are of Italian origin and conform to the following standards and directives:

  • Directive 89/392/CE
  • Directive 98/37/CE-11A
  • 89/336/CE-1
  • 72/23/CE-111

Laboratory & Testing Facilities

Quality is foremost in our operations.  Testing and quality related procedures are a prerequisite for the success of Poligas and in this regards, we have invested heavily in state-of-the-art testing equipment. Coupled with the Gas Chromatography analysers are a number of paramagnetic and infrared analysers which measure and monitor the chemical and purity levels of the various pure and gas mixes.

Product List

Our products are constantly evolving to reflect client needs and newly-emerging processes and trends.  While there is only a small number of pure gases, the list of gas mixes is growing.  Below, are just some of a vast range of gases mixes we produce.  This short list serves to highlight our potential to develop new products.

Pure gases & mixes

  • Medical Oxygen Argonite (50 % Ar, 50% N2)
  • Carbon Dioxide (85% Ar, 25% CO2)
  • Hydrogen Food Mix 1 (70% CO2, 30% N2)
  • Nitrogen Formigas (90% N2, 10% H)
  • Argon Food Mix 2 (80%O2, 20% CO2)
  • Helium Helium/Argon (10% He, 90% Ar)

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