Polidano is the largest, single, construction firm in Malta.   While this marks us out, our edge lies in our unique mix of capabilities.   We differentiate ourselves in several ways:


We are the sole firm in our local market to offer a one-stop solution in construction.  We are able to work seamlessly, without relying on sub-contractors for materials, equipment or services.  Our ability to provide an integrated solution in-house from architectural design and project development to materials’ manufacture, excavation, construction, finishings and landscaping provides clients with a single point of reference and a clear overview, as well as immense efficiencies and cost savings.  We give clients peace of mind that a project will be completed on time and on budget to satisfaction.

Assets and equipment

We have the largest inventory of plant and equipment on the Islands and operate some of the most sophisticated mass excavation, surface mining and high-capacity machinery.  All our equipment is sourced from leading world brands.  Our plant includes specialist equipment, such as a fully-automated paver used for precision flooring in industrial and commercial projects.  Polidano is a major manufacturer and importer of materials including concrete, steel, asphalt and bitumen. We operate our own quarries and run the country’s largest materials’ depot served by a delivery fleet based on Mercedes Benz vehicles.  We have in-house capability to custom manufacture all materials required, including pre-casts and pre-stressed beams.


We have long been at the forefront of introducing cutting-edge technology to our industry in Malta.  And we pioneer the best and most environmentally-sound technologies.  Our use of hydro-demolition technology in sensitive projects, such as marine and heritage sites, shows our commitment to investing in the leading, most appropriate technologies for the job.  We are equipped with a vast range of specialist technology and plant, and employ the latest methods in quarrying and manufacture of materials.  Our own manufacturing facility and on-site laboratory, both ISO9001 : 2008 certified, give us an edge in providing clients efficiently and cost-effectively with tailored materials in concrete, iron and steel.


Polidano has been the name most consistently behind Malta’s major construction works of the last decades. We have played sole or leading roles in construction projects ranging from highly-acclaimed mixed-use and lifestyle developments and five-star hotels to Malta’s Freeport and power station, arterial roads, and complex industrial and commercial work. Many of our projects prove challenging, and require us to innovate and source specialist equipment. We have always shown our capacity for success, whatever the nature or scale of the work. Our project case studies demonstrate the depth and breadth of experience we bring.


Polidano was the first construction company to meet ISO9001 : 2008 standards but quality in its widest sense lies at the heart of our approach. With an integrated approach to the entire construction lifecycle, we can oversee quality throughout. Our economies of scale allow us also to channel cost savings into creating and maintaining quality at a competitive price.

We have rigorous internal and external quality control systems in place throughout our operations. We extend quality to how we serve our customers, train our staff, devise and implement health and safety and interact with the environment and communities in which we work.

Our ISO9001 : 2008 certification covers on-site project life cycle and management as well as our manufacturing processes. We are currently moving towards new standards which deal with the Environment and Sustainable Development.