Pre-cast & Pre-stressed

Polidano operates the country’s largest facility dedicated exclusively to the production of pre-stressed elements. Our plant consist of nine production lines capable of producing 300m² of high-quality, pre-stressed hollow core roofing slabs varying in thickness from 150mm to 460mm.  The thickest slab can be manufactured to lengths of up to 22m, making it the largest span that can be cast in Malta.  From roofing beams to small details like bespoke planters for urban landscaping, our pre-cast division can produce an entire range of components for construction and finishings.


We offer four specialised production lines:

1. Predalles

Predalles are solid, reinforced concrete slabs cast on a vibrating table.  The maximum cast dimensions are 2.4m c 6.0m.  They can be used for roofing, flooring and retaining walls.

A perfect marble-like finish is obtained on the underside of the cast which makes predalles economical as no finishing is required. The use of these slabs speeds up the construction process as it does away with the need for shuttering.

2. Architectural elements

The casting of architectural elements is important in construction projects these days, particularly within the hospitality and leisure industry where hotels, for example, often require custom design throughout from columns and balconies to planters.

We pre-cast architectural elements manufactured to custom specifications in a controlled environment to ensure the product is delivered to the highest quality.

Moulds are manufactured by skilled craftsmen who ensure their design is accurately reproduced in every casting to guarantee speed in the construction process.  Elements produced include: sills, lintels, balcony bases, columns, mouldings, kerb, gutters, corbels, coping and planters.

3. Hollow Concrete Pipes

With a growing market for hollow concrete pipes, which are regularly required in major EU-funded infrastructure projects, we have equipped ourselves with the most advanced pipe-making machinery.  We are able to produce concrete pipes across a vast range of diameters and lengths.  With Polidano pioneering this technology in Malta, the country now has its own high-end pipe manufacture. This helps guarantee supply and reduces the wastage inherent in importing pipes.

German firm Schlosser Pfeiffer designed and manufactured the entire production plant using the latest expertise in electronic control systems and compacting vibrators. The extensive automation of our production guarantees excellence of quality.

Main features of our hollow pipe fabrication:

  • Internal diameter sizes: 300mm, 400mm, 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm
  • Production capacity of pipe length: 2.5m
  • Highly-versatile product range
  • Highly- compact pipes, independent of product sizes and product quantity, as well as pipes with an inner lining
  • Inner rubber seals as part of the pipe cast
  • Optional internal coating
  • The supply of high quantity lubricants for seals
  • Optional concrete colouring
  • On-site advice and consultancy