MK Leisure

MK Leisure, set up in 2005, is a new concept in Malta’s hospitality and leisure market, and incorporates innovative entertainment, dining out, function venues and a winery.  It is a clear example of Polidano’s pioneering and market-making approach to business; MK Leisure counts several first for the Islands in its portfolio of complementary leisure options.

Montekristo Estates, developed in the Maltese countryside in a single location, draws on elements of agri-tourism and the Islands’ cultural heritage to present a range of leisure and entertainment options to groups, families and individuals.

Montekristo has its own catering and entertainment on site at the estate in Hal Farrug.  This provides a wide range of professional services and expertise in entertainment, catering and event organisation, coordinating themed functions and events for both local and international clientele.  Among its most well known and successful offers is the live, on-going heritage show staged in a dedicated arena at Montekristo Estates.

It strengths lie in having extensive resources in-house and in fostering its own dedicated talent.  Montekristo’s holistic approach to its organisational set-up has been a major asset in its dealings with third party events, such as conferences, launches, fairs, workshops, banquets, receptions and themed events.  With its one-stop shop offer of a single location for all requirements, and in-house talent and resources mentored and maintained to its own standards, the company has proved a reliable and innovative partner to operators in the tourism, leisure and hospitality sector.

Montekristo operates a varied selection of flexible, welcoming venues that can accommodate a wide range of functions and activities in unusual and attractive surroundings. Montekristo Estates boasts no less than ten singular indoor and outdoor venues, each with its own particular appeal and charisma.

Montekristo Winery is a cornerstone of the Estate, giving the leisure destination its ambience and agritourism roots.  It incorporates working a 20-hectar working vineyard as well as olive grove.  Its aim is to pioneer the production of exceptional, quality wines from Maltese-grown grape varieties. The winery is emblematic of the Polidano approach to business as, like other facets of the group, it has the facilities and resources in-house to control each and every step of its operations.  Montekristo produces three key ranges of wines, including two fine wines, along with several heavier, or mediation wines.  Its flagship wine, Magnus, has garnered significant praise in the industry.