Expanded Polystyrene

Polystyrene is fast becoming one of the construction industries most useful and innovative materials.  It has multiple uses ranging from insulating blocks to ceiling and façade covers to lightweight implications too.  We manufacture hollow bricks as well as supply sheets which are fabricated to any required thickness.

Expanded polystyrene is closed cell, thermoplastic; a lightweight and rigid cellular plastic which starts life as small beads of resin.  The beads are impregnated with the naturally occurring gas pentane and then heated in a pre-expander until the required size is reached to match the required grade according to our standards or to which ever grade the client requires instead of this they are 50 times original size.

The product has inherent thermal-conductivity properties which means it can be used to great effect as an insulator against heat and cold.  Its lightness makes it easy to handle.  Since is does not, nor has ever emitted chlorofluorocarbons (CFOs), all waste product can be recycled.

Inquiries and/or orders for Jablo can be made on telephone number +356 25585302 and email:  polmesh.sales@polidano-group.com

The production facility is operated by PolMesh Limited and is located in Hal-Farrug.