Social Infrastructure

Polidano has long worked as a service provider to government and local councils on projects that are aimed at enhancing communities and our living and working environments. Today, the social infrastructure we have delivered is helping improve the quality of life of many of Malta’s citizens.  We gain immense professional satisfaction from undertaking these projects and seeing them through successfully.  We view them as a cornerstone of our work.

Our projects range from clearing and redeveloping brown-field sites, building and upgrading social housing, constructing affordable housing for the private sector, extending schools, constructing local roads, building sports’ centres and embellishing seafronts, parks and other public areas.

Public buildings and spaces need to perform for several decades for the communities they serve, without the need for frequent upgrades or redesign.  At Polidano, we deliver lasting quality to tightly-defined budgets and time frames in all our social infrastructure works, from housing to hard landscaping.

Social infrastructure is important within our project portfolio as it is often among the most visible of our work within local communities.  Our in-house architectural practice designs social housing, for example, that is contemporary in style, designed for modern living and sensitive to the localities in which it sits.   We never compromise on people’s needs nor on quality.