Sustainable Development

Sustainable development lies at the core of the Group’s values.  We believe that our business performance and sustainability have to be coupled, without compromise, if we are to remain at the forefront in our industry.

Our work is already shaped by issues of sustainability; we have a formal Environmental Management Systems in place and we are finding ways to demonstrably reduce our carbon footprint across the Group.  In the future, sustainability will be an integral part of our entire operations and our project life cycles, from materials’ extraction to the finishing of hotel lobbies.

There are numerous ways in which we seek to promote sustainable development in our work, from ensuring we purchase and use the most efficient and environmentally-sensitive plant and machinery to everyday measures to reduce our consumption.  These include:


  • Multiple, energy renewable programmes across a number of operations
  • The establishment of a formal Environmental Management System
  • Responsible sourcing – using suppliers with environmental accreditations
  • A policy of aggressive re-cycling
  • Investment in state-of-the-art plant and machinery to promote sustainable development (ie. environmentally-sensitive dredging equipment).