Environmental Policy

Polidano Group is a building and civil engineering contractor, importer, manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of construction materials based in Malta.  During the design, planning and construction of our projects, we strive to conduct our activities in a manner which protects and safeguards the environment.

To this end, the Polidano Group is committed to the management of waste, the prevention of pollution, and compliance with relevant environmental legislation and other requirements, including ISO 14001, within a framework of continual improvement of the environmental performance of our operations.

This Environmental Policy will be regularly reviewed to ensure that it remains compatible with the objectives and environmental targets of the Group’s operations.

The Board will communicate the policy to its employees and strive to ensure that it is easily understood and support this policy by ensuring staff and relevant sub-contractors receive applicable training and support.

This policy is communicated both internally to staff and sub contractors and available to the public on www.polidano-group.com

Policy objectives are:

  • To reduce waste and consumption of resources.
  • To seek working methods that can reduce our impact upon the environment.