Quality and Safety

Polidano has been certified under the ISO Quality Standard since 1997, making it the first in its sector attain this assurance in Malta.   Quality in its widest sense lies at the heart of our approach and throughout our operations.

There are numerous ways in which we guarantee quality, ranging from our management and staff policies and practices to our heavy investment in our own test and R&D labs.  With our integrated approach to the entire manufacturing and construction lifecycle, we can oversee quality rigorously and transparently throughout a project.

Our economies of scale allow us also to work cost-effectively without cutting back on the quality of our products or our services.

Our approach goes further than simply implementing national and EU legal requirements and best practice.   We extend quality to how we serve our customers, train our staff, devise and implement health and safety and interact with the environment and communities in which we work.   Quality permeates all we do; its effects are seen in our projects and in our ability to train and retain our people.

ISO Certification

Our ISO 9001:2008 certification covers on-site project life cycles and project management as well as our manufacturing, laying and installation processes and waste management.  It addresses materials ranging from asphalt to cryogenic gases. We are currently moving towards new standards which deal with the Environment and Sustainable Development.

All in-house manufacturing processes are overseen by our ISO-certified test lab.  In addition, our R&D lab researches the optimum materials required for any project, including specialist aggregate mixes.   These two facilities give us an edge in providing clients with quality products, cost-effectively – even down to customised architectural elements in concrete, iron and steel.