Material & Products

Polidano is unique in its home-base, Malta, for its capabilities in sourcing and manufacturing virtually all construction materials and components in house. We are a major manufacturer and importer of materials including concrete, steel, asphalt and bitumen. We operate our own quarries and run the country’s largest materials’ depot served by a delivery fleet based on Mercedes Benz vehicles.  Polidano has the in-house capability to custom manufacture all materials required, including pre-casts and pre-stressed beams.

We offer a one-stop shop for all types of aggregates and act as both a producer and importer.  Apart from locally-produced aggregates, we also import a wide range of quality, durable aggregates to enable special and exceptionally high-grade mixes.

Thanks to continuous investment in sophisticated technologies, we offer large-scale, on-site concrete batching, as well as cost-effective, custom manufacture in products such as hollow bricks.

When it comes to large-scale, complex development and infrastructural projects, requiring exceptional volumes, delivered just-in-time and to bespoke design, Polidano is a leader in Malta for its service, quality and sheer capacity to deliver.