Property is the backbone of Polidano activities and we are renowned for our role in landmark developments across the Islands.  We develop, build, bring to market and lease a wide portfolio of residential and commercial properties. 

As Malta’s largest construction firm, we have the in-house capability to deliver design, materials, building and project management.  With control of the entire property life cycle, we can guarantee quality throughout, from the building materials used, to fixtures, fittings and landscaping.  Our economies of scale also mean we bring to the market properties that represent excellent value for outstanding quality, across the property ladder.

All the developments we’ve been involved in have set standards on the Islands and are recognised as providing the ultimate in contemporary living and versatile commercial space.  Above all, Polidano property is about making a sound investment.

Our Property Portfolio

We offer a diverse range of completed properties for sale or rent across the Islands, catering to all segments of the market.

From affordable housing to mid-end, low-rise units to commercial and industrial spaces, all our properties offer above-average space in their class and are finished with quality and detail throughout.  They are designed to please and perform.

Location is our first consideration.  Our residential properties provide the mix of quality lifestyle and amenities people demand today.   We have a clear insight into what makes an area desirable for both the residential and commercial sectors and attach great importance to comfort and convenience and our properties’ role in the community.

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Lifestyle Properties - Unique style and outstanding quality for exceptional contemporary living.

Affordable Properties - A wide choice of comfortable, qaulity living options in all market segments.

Commercial and Industrial Properties - Flexible spaces ranging from service and retail use to manufacturing and distribution.