We are one of the largest steel importers in Malta and manufacture a vast range of standard and customised steel products for the construction industry.   We stock and sell rebars up to 32mm in diameter, and produce the country’s largest span beams.  Our plant also manufactures tailor-made metal structures, and reinforced steel cut and bend in any shape and size the architects require for every concrete structures possible.

we manufacture, cut and bend a range of reinforcement mesh in various lengths and lattice girders using sophisticated computer-controlled machinery in order to guarantee the highest standards of quality.   Our production rate is of six tonnes of Electroweld lattice girders and 10 to 22 tonnes of electro welded steel mesh a day based on an eight hour shift.  The production facility is operated by Polmesh Limited, a company that forms part of the Polidano Group.  The company operates two production lines for electro-welded steel mesh.

Inquiries and/or orders for steel products can be made on telephone number +356 25585302 and email:

Products & Services

  • Cut and/or Bend of Reinforced Steel in any shape
  • Stirrups in any shape and size from circular, square, spring type, etc.
  • Steel of Bundles and Coils
  • Lattice Girders
  • Steel Electro welded Mesh (D98 / A142 / A252 / A393 / A193 / A503 / B503 / C503) and any custom made mesh according to the machine limits
  • Automatic Steel Welded Pile Cage’s
  • Assembling of steel beams
  • A vast range of Merchant Bars, Mild and Galvanized Metal Steels, I Beams and H Beams.
  • Drilling, Cutting, Bending and Welding of any metal structures the clients want
  Mesh A142  
  Mesh A196
  Mesh A252
  Mesh A393
  Mesh A503
  Mesh B503
  Mesh C503
  Mesh D98